In the past few years, requests for family tours have increased by far.  Kids, not to mention infants don´t suit in busses, people don´t like to be herded like sheep into the bus every morning and at every stop.  Interests are different and what one might find interesting, does not interest others.  Guides have constant problems with finding a compromise.  For this reason, more and more people like to have their own tour, with family or friends, design it their way, timewise as well as cost wise.  Thats where we come in, we can give you ideas, find you accomodation, plan the whole tour, pick you up at the airport in Keflavik and get you out there when ever the tour is over.  Check  on Testimonials made by people who have been with us in recent years, people who had never hired a service like ours.  They got so much more for their money . I am serious, think it over and contact us. [email protected]