The Classic Golden Circle tour, which every travel agency, all the car rental companies, every bus company and all companies in travel business in Iceland seem to be offering, with differently able guides, is something everyone can do on his own.  To visit, watch and experience the natural phenenomenths is same whom ever you go with, or do it yourself, but what makes tours different is the stories, the history and guide.  Most tours are precisely timed, measured so no extra mile is added on.  In our case it is different.  Because of how small our groups are, never bigger than 6 people, we are more flexible, can stop at more places, explain and discuss things we are seeing and passing.  this is impossible in a bus for instance.  YOu have the guide in a talking distance through the whole day.  It happens quite frequently that some people want to shoot from their cameras, take long at one place than the other, this you can easily do on a group with few people.  To drop in at a farm for a cup of coffee is in my mind much nicer that standing in a queue.  It is really

Pickup 8.30 to 9.00 at hotels in Reykjavik   Drop off 17.00  Price $ 315  Minimum 2 pax

English speaking guide

Bookings 3 days in advance

unfair to compare these two ways of travelling.