Thorsmork valley, where National Park Thorsmork stands.  The riverbed of river Gigja was hit hard in the eruption 2010 in Eyjafjallajokull.  the fload of melting glacier burst down the slopes of the mountain and down to the lagoon in front of the crawling glacier tounge. The gravel, mud, and clay was such that it wiped out the lagoon, filled it up and highered the ground by 40 meters.  This is a new formation, new land, which not too many people have been to.  We can drive almost up to the glacier wall, and  walk the rest.  This is one of the places where I take my people, which has the most effect on vistors.  The knowledge of beeing among the first to walk there is a thrill for everybody.

On the tour we have to cross rather large rivers to get to the bottom of the valley.  Seenery there is fantastic, specially for the contrast of small birch trees, black sand and white glacier.  We do this tour as a day tour out of Reykjavik, but can of course pick up people on the way.

Pickup 8.30 to 9.00 at hotels in Reykjavik   Drop off 18.00  Price $ 355  Minimum 2 pax

English speaking guide

Bookings 3 days in advance