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Fjallafari Highlander

Since 1994

Since 1994 we have offered many varied tours; convoy tours, jeeptours, 4×4, scheduled tours, tailormade tours, hunting, winter, geographic, history and family tours all over Iceland, all corners, from the highlands to the sea shores. Daytours to three week tours.
Fjallafari Highlander views itself as a specialist safari tour operator and as such has devoted itself to highly individualistic, historical and culture tourism. Wherever possible the endeavour is to guide you away from mass tourist destinations and show you some of classic Iceland, meet the Icelanders and travel off the beaten track.

Tailormade tours, i.e. tours in which the interested parties also make a large personal contribution starting at the planning stage, allows a great deal of freedom in the structuring of the tour, and this represent a strong pillar of our company philosophy. We say the tours represented in catalogues and websites should be treated more as a source of ideas and as stimuli but they can, of course, also be booked with us. You can obtain additional information by contacting us once you have decided to visit Iceland.


Customer Comments

These are few of the comments we have received from our customers.

  • Oli is Awesome!!!!!!

    My husband and I are avid travels and usually, we like to go it alone; lets just say we have been burned a few times by not-so-awesome travel guides. Still, when it came time to do a trip to Iceland in the dead of winter (having seen snow only a handful of times in my life and having never driven in it…), we decided that a little help may be in order. Upon the assurances of a friend who had worked with Oli in the past, we went ahead and planed a trip with him.

    Wow are we glad we did. Oli was fantastic! In addition to keeping us safe, he really helped make our Iceland adventures a trip of a lifetime. What makes Oli so special is that he seems to know everyone and everywhere in Iceland. Traveling with him is like going around with a friend that can get you into all the best spots and hook you up with all the greatest people. For us, this proved particularly valuable when bad weather forced some major changes to our itinerary. Oli however is so “in-the-know” he just changed stuff up — Roads were blocked east so we headed west; weather was too bad to be outside so we went to amazing museums; places might have been closed so Oli arranged to get the keys from his friend.

    Plus, Oli himself is part of the fun. He is such a fantastic and funny person, with a storied life of his own. He is a wonderful story teller and, in the land of Sagas, he feels a little like one of the main characters ;).

    Iceland on its own is a beautiful and sort of magical place…but Oli adds his own special sparkle. If you are considering a trip and want to go with a guide I can’t possibly imagine a better choice then Oli. Plus you get a vacation dog — Hunni Rocks!!!!!

    - Oli is Awesome!!!!!!
  • Truly amazing trip thanks to Oli!

    Where to start?
    We had the most amazing time all thanks to Oli!
    My other half visited Iceland 10 years ago with his family as a child and Oli was their tour guide then and we couldn’t think of anyone better to help us explore as adults!
    He picked us up from the airport with his 2 girls and we had a lovely chat on the way to our hotel. We stopped off at a pizza place and had some lovely pizza and conversation learning about where we were staying.
    Each day we got picked up with a new adventure planned for us. As Oli is the professional we took his advice and guidance on where to go and we definitely didn’t regret it! We went to all of the tourist spots and some hidden gems too!
    The highlight for me was The Blue Lagoon and the highlight for my other half was the ATV tour that Oli recommended.
    Oli’s dog Huni made our trip so much more personal too, he came everywhere with us! We are dog people so loved having him there too!
    One night we were lucky enough to have dinner with Oli at his house with his family and what a delight it was. His family were so welcoming and happy to have us there and we were fed and watered perfectly!
    And of course a trip to Rekjavik Fire station made Adams trip! Oli knew that my other half is a firefighter at home so he asked about local stations so on our way to the airport we went through a housing estate and pulled upto the huge station in Rekjavik!
    Oli is a guy who is truly proud of his country and their achievements. Was so lovely to meet someone like this as you don’t see it much these days!
    We cannot recommend Oli highly enough and hope that you enjoy your tours with him!
    Thank you Oli!

    - Aimee & Adam x
  • 8 Spectacular Days with Oli!

    Words can’t begin to convey how magical, inspirational, beauteous, exciting and exhilarating our 8 days with Oli and his dog, Huni were. The love he has of his country is so refreshing to experience that one can only feel awe and draw inspiration from Iceland’s geography, history and the delicious food and friendly people. Oli took us off the beaten track where some days we would see only 6 others vehicles, at the height of the tourist season! We trusted him to arrange the tour; places to visit, booking hotels, restaurants,etc. And we were so happy with everything he planned. Great hotels and farm houses, ATV tour, Glacier Lagoon boat tour, Puffins, waterfalls, geothermal pool, hiking, restored farmstead, museum and even midnight golf. It was great to not have to plan anything before or during our Iceland trip. To just get in the car to see what Oli had in store for us each day.We were never disappointed. Oli is very professional well respected by his fellow Icelanders.We are already planning when to return to see the Northern Lights with Oli and Huni! As my husband said to Oli…”You are not our guide, you are our friend.”

    - 8 Spectacular Days with Oli!
  • Wonderful tour with Oli

    We spent a wonderful week in Iceland, guided by Oli and Huni. Oli knows everybody in the island, every hidden corner and every story about people, history and nature. He was a fantastic companion, showed us a lot of Icelandic treasures (away from the crowded touristic circuits) and guided us in adventurous tours. Huni, the dog, was lovely, very friendly (and obedient) and never complained!
    We put in Oli´s hands all the planning of our tour and we were very happy with all his choices: the beautiful local accommodations in Hveragerdi and Litla Hof, the amazing ATV tour with Unnar, the zodiac trip in the glacier lagoon, the excursion to the beautiful Ingólfshöf Cape, where we could observe a lot of puffins and other birds we never saw before (and even a seal), and the volcanic landscapes near Laki.
    Thank´s Oli and Huni, for our wonderful holiday in Iceland!

    - Wonderful tour with Oli
  • The perfect way to spend a short stopover in Iceland

    My friend and I only had 3 days to spend in Iceland and contacted Oli to set up the trip for us. He planned the housing, locations, restaurants and gave us suggestions on what to see. For the more typical sites, he made sure we did not go the same time as the tour buses. Then, in 2 days he took us through varied terrain from volcanic black rocks to green mountains to canyons. All the colors of the rainbow were seen in the landscape he took us through. He is wonderful to chat with and Huni, the dog, was a darling. If we had booked trips on our own or driven on our own, there is no way we would have seen this much. Oli really cares to share with you his beautiful country. We highly recommend his work.

    - The perfect way to spend a short stopover in Iceland
  • All the rave reviews are true!

    First of all, everybody thinks Iceland = expensive and yes, it’s true. Hiring a tour guide driver is definitely out of the budget because of the added expense if you think about it, but no… Oli is worth it and so much more.

    We basically allocated our budget to getting him to tour us around for our group’s 8 days outside of Reykjavik. We stayed in small guesthouses and hostels but had our own expert with us and it was uniquely special.

    If you want to tour a new place and simply see the sights and sounds at face value, you can do it yourself with a self drive rental but that’s it. You might get lost and lose time, miss hidden gems along the way, or get stuck out in the storm or stuck in a river if you have the worst of luck.

    If you want immersion on the other hand and to delve into the local way of life, having Oli guide you will give you a perspective that even other guides cannot offer. Iceland is his passion and he has been touring people since before it became a go to place for vacations. He knows Iceland like the back of his hand and we didn’t need to rent a GPS to navigate thru the f roads and other country roads he used. Plus, he knew almost everybody up to the 3rd generation. His social network allowed us to see places up close, go to private farms and see private locations otherwise not allowed to the public. We even got to see a sheep roundup with explanations on the side on what happens and why.

    He is strict, so when he speaks try to listen, you won’t regret it. He has a dry humor and a very witty mind. Just let him know your tour priority and let him handle your itinerary. He adjusts according to your pacing and you will never feel harried like in the usual tours.

    He is one of a kind and worth every penny.

    - All the rave reviews are true!


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