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Oli Schram

Fjallafari Highlander, since 1994

Please allow us to write a few sentences about our range of services and our company philosophy: Since 1994 we have offered many varied tours; convoy tours, jeeptours, 4×4, scheduled tours, tailormade tours, hunting, winter, photo,¬†geographic, history and family tours all over Iceland, all corners, from the highlands to the sea shores. Daytours to three week tours.

Fjallafari Highlander views itself as a specialist safari tour operator and as such has devoted itself to highly individualistic, historical and culture tourism. Wherever possible the endeavour is to guide you away from mass tourist destinations and show you some of classic Iceland, meet the Icelanders and travel off the beaten track.

Tailormade tours, i.e. tours in which the interested parties also make a large personal contribution starting at the planning stage, allows a great deal of freedom in the structuring of the tour, and this represent a strong pillar of our company philosophy. We say the tours represented in catalogues and websites should be treated more as a source of ideas and as stimuli but they can, of course, also be booked with us. You can obtain additional information by contacting us once you have decided to visit Iceland.

We are passoinate about our country, and our way of touring involves not only nature, adventure, activities and history to our tours but we emphasise the travellers connection to Icelanders, homes, workplaces and farms, to the daily life of the ordinary Icelander.

In cooperation with clients we build up the tour timescale, accommodation, difficulty rating and endurance. We are very experienced, are able to be very flexible and can accomodate most requests. A selection of various accommodation is on offer, from mountain cottages, farm guesthouses, country hotels and luxury hotels, all to the requirements of our customers.
Highlander co-operate with a select handful of foreign agents and sales offices, which we have a long standing relationship with.
The owner of the company Mr. Olafur B. Schram is one of Icelands most experienced guides, life long traveller both in the highlands as well in the inhabited areas, both hiking, horse riding and driving. He has lead various convoys through the toughest rivers, largest glaciers and darkest weather. If he is occupied or not available for your dates, our step in guides are all highly qualified with the required education and experience.

After arranging more than 550 trips in Iceland we can claim: We know the things we are offering!