Review sent by Svetlana, travelled with me in 2014

my husband and i spent five days (that seemed like a month!) in Iceland with Oli, as our travel guide. when booking a trip to Iceland i have done extensive research and was hesitant about using the services of a tour guide. we are experienced adventure travelers and did not want to be driven around like kids 🙂 however at insistence of our well traveled friends, we booked out five day trip with Oli as a guide. THIS WAS BY FAR THE MOST MAGNIFICENT ADVENTURE WE HAVE EVER HAD – and the best decision we have made! Iceland is an amazing country, unique in its nature and character – but to see it from the eyes of an insider, fully dedicated to his land and his work – was something very special and “off the beaten track”. moreover, we would have not covered that much ground in a limited time we had allotted for the trip – and would not have gone so deeply into understanding the country, it’s character and it’s people, if we did not have Oli as our guide and, ultimately, our travel companion. we left the hotel at 8am and did not come home until 7 or 8pm every day, with a day jam packed with spectacular views, amazing hikes, having met wonderful people of iceland each of whom had a special memorable story to tell – and of course hearing amazing stories told by Oli himself. Oli himself is an inspirational person and guide – always ready for anything, flexible and understanding with any changes in itinerary we suggested – but also pushing us to see more, just around the next corner – which always proved to be worth it! most importantly, Oli’s integrity and dedication to the land of Iceland, it’s environment and people really opened our hearts and minds – and was in fact transformational in some very profound ways for both of us. we came back with more light in our hearts and minds than when we boarded our plane in JFK. Oli – and the land of Iceland – are the reason!

Visited August 2014